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PERX - A new way to borrow money

We want loans and refinancing to be less expensive! That’s why we’ve created PERX Crowdfunding. Your marketplace for loans and investments, with interest rates between 4,5 and 8,5 percent.

Before you apply

To ensure a speedy process, make sure you have the following documents ready to upload before you apply: Last pay check, last tax return, a list of other loan agreements (if applicable).

PERX charges every loan applicant with a 3% loan amount fee, in addition to a monthly 2 EUR transaction cost.

If you have a registered payment remark we will unfortunately not be able to offer you a loan.


A 8 000 EUR loan over 4 years with nominal interest rate of 7% gives you an effective interest rate of 9,5%!
Total interest and cost payed will be 1 461 EUR, and the total repayment will be 9 461 EUR.
Monthly repayment with interest will be 166 EUR.

Credit Check

PERX Crowdfunding is not a bank and does not take part in the loan agreements. PERX cannot guarantee that all loans will be filled. When you apply you will pay a non refundable credit check fee of 4 EUR. This fee covers the credit check costs and ensures only the best applications and lowers risk for our investors, benefiting all parties.


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Fill out our application form
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PERX approves and rates you
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Your loan fills up
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You get your money

Use the money as you wish

With loans from PERX you can refinance expensive debt,
refurbish at home or cover unexpected expences.
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Downpay your expensive credit cards

Apply for a loan through PERX and pay your expensive credit cards.

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Cover large bills

Apply for a loan through PERX and cover surprise bills.

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Refinance expensive debt

Apply for a loan through PERX and refinance expensive debt.

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Refurbish at home

Apply for a loan through PERX and add to the value of your home.

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