PERX Crowdfunding
The new way of lending and borrowing

«Our dream is to democratize finance in a safe way.
We enable lenders and borrowers to meet without costly intermediaries,
for refinancing of expensive personal loans, actually any form of loan.»

Andreas Gyrre, founder & crowdfinancer

About Loan based Crowdfunding

Can borrowers get better terms? Yes.
Can investors get higher returns than from a traditional savings account? Definitely.

That is why we started PERX Crowdfunding AS.

We are not a bank, but an inter-mediator and facilitator of loans and guarantees, registered within The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (FSA).

PERX bundles borrowers and investors without taking part in the transactions. This benefits all parties.

In our work with bundling and matching borrowers and investors, we use safe and reliable technology. Although we are not a bank, we use the same systems that traditional banks use in their deposits and loans.

PERX controls all the standardized AML routines and sanction lists.

The borrower gets a scorecard rating based on the Experian Credit Score model. Thus we learn more about the borrower’s repayment of loans, based on the SIFO model. Furthermore we follow FSA rules and regulations. We will also use Big Data and AI to learn even more about the borrower, and mitigate risk.

We use BankID for identification and KYC and login.

None of the information you share with us will not be resold or distributed to others. PERX is subject to strict rules and guidelines regarding privacy.

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